at some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.
― unknown (via castlle)

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life hack: remember to compliment people on qualities other than their looks. remind them of their kindness, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. tell them about how powerful and capable they are.

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Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to. Stay home on New Year’s Eve if that’s what makes you happy. Skip the committee meeting. Cross the street to avoid making aimless chitchat with random acquaintances. Read. Cook. Run. Write a story.
― Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (via 27sailors)

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i wish there wasn’t a stigma about doing things alone. you can’t go out to eat alone, you can’t see a movie alone, basically anything fun, you’re looked down on for doing alone and it’s so stupid you shouldn’t need other people to validate your decisions

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Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing

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I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.
― ― Mark Twain (via psych-quotes)
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Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how

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